Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Chaos

Well, I've already not started out so great with this blog adventure. I promise, I've not abandoned Heather's Homemade Haven. Summer has gone from restful to chaos in a hurry! After the first two week of summer break, life got a little crazy for our family. A dear friend became engaged and decided to get married six weeks from her engagement. Who, might you ask, is planning this wedding? This girl! Oh yes, then there was a week of teaching at Vacation Bible School, followed by chaperoning our kids from church for a week of children's camp, followed by a week at a pastor's convention, which I'm currently attending with my husband. No complaints, just letting you know that I've not forgotten about my blog. I cannot wait to return home so that I can get to posting! It has been a slow process getting started. It is so much in my personality to do things all at once so this has been hard for me to just be patient with the building of this ministry blog. My initial concern about the slow start was that those who came over to visit my blog would think, "Is this all she has to offer?" God took care of that real quick because this blog has nothing to do with anyone being impressed with me. There are so many women with blogs who have so much more practical information than me to share and that's okay. My purpose is to help women to become wholly healthy in Christ. Once God and I worked through my initial pity party of feeling like a failure, He began to confirm to me the need for women to have a resource of Godly truth and wisdom. Not that I have any amount of wisdom, but the passion of my heart is to go along side women, helping them seek God. We as Christian women have become so spotted from the world in our thinking, actions and attitudes. The purpose for this little haven is for us to escape the lies of this world and to find the truth of God in our lives as women. When we become wholly healthy, our homes will become delightful havens. As Romans 12:1-2 says, I do not want to be conformed to the pattern of this world. I do not want to be shaped and fashioned, think of a sewing pattern, like worldly women. That statement is not made in arrogance or pride. I've been that woman, a woman who looks like women of this world; self-sufficient and self-absorbed, prideful and caddy, bitter and harsh, controlling and fearful, insecure and unwise, and I don't like who she is.  I want to be the woman God has called me to be; a woman with a gentle and peaceful spirit, a woman of wisdom and kindness, grace and humility, a woman who is diligent and faithful. Thank you, deeply, for your patience with me. Once we get through the craziness of our summer, my devotion will be to get content loaded. My prayer for you now, is that God will begin to stir in your heart a deep desire for you to become healthy in your mind, your emotions, your spirit.

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