healthy habits...

mental and emotional health

Our minds and our feelings are where we as women fight our greatest battles. When I went back to school to complete my undergrad in Psychology and Christian Counseling, I learned so much about myself and the struggles we have as women. That time of learning was an incredible time of healing and gaining wisdom. My desire is to take what I learned and give you practical help. We all come from different backgrounds, but the one thing we all have in common is that our minds deceive us and our emotions overwhelm us. Emotion-led living is not healthy. Every decision we make and reaction we have as women is based entirely upon our mind and emotions. If these are not centered around Christ and under the direction of the Holy Spirit, we are headed for disaster. We will live trapped in our false feelings and wrong thoughts rather than living free in Christ. I must let you know up front that I will be blatantly honest here about how we are as women. There will be no tipping toeing around our struggles. The only way to win the battle of our mind and emotions is to be honest with ourselves. Do not think for a moment that I no longer struggle. This is our life long battle because it's part of our fallen nature. We will walk this journey together. Here are the "healthy habits" we will be learning: 
  • Attitude Adjustment
  • Cultivating Contentment
  • Deception of Doubts
  • Freedom from Feelings
  • Proper Perspective

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