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Can I be honest? I don't waste my time on pointless, tedious crafts. One of the greatest things we have to learn when bringing balance to our life is prioritizing. I have much more important things to do than to make something that takes up hours of my time that I don't really need or will rarely use. I just have too many other things that are more important that deserve my time and attention. Now, I will admit that when I first joined Pinterest, I got a little off track and attempted a few useless projects. That quickly ended, though! When done wisely, however, we can create meaningful gifts, help out the family finances and create an inviting home. Most of the decor in my house, I've made. One of the greatest compliments I've ever received was from a friend of mine who came to a party I had at my home. She said, "Heather, I just don't want to leave. You're home is so cozy." Our home isn't big, it isn't decorated to the "T." It's just us. It tells who we are as a family and invites you into our life. My daughter is getting to that age where clothes matter. I've learned how to re-purpose clothes to create new outfits for her because our family budget doesn't allow for a new wardrobe every few months. Making gifts for people is something that I began several years ago. I would just prefer giving a sentimental, heart felt gift as opposed to something bought. It's great on the budget, as well! I will add that I also keep my eye out for great, gift-giving clearance items so not everything I give is handmade. My sister and I talk everyday. On Valentine's she was telling me that one of the mom's of a child in my nephew's daycare class had made these way over the top gifts that made all the other moms feel like failures. Our goal should never be to out do other women. The point is not to be some craft queen nor should we spend our time doing things to feel validated. The purpose for this section, in my life, rose from a desire to save money and to share my heart with others through my home and the gifts that I give. Hopefully, these "handy homemades" will give you some useful (aka "handy") ideas! 
  • Crafty Creations (things I've made for my home)
  • Frugal Fashion (things I've made for my daughter and me)
  • Gifts Worth Giving (things I've made to give as gifts)
  • Budget Busters (recipes for all kinds of homemade stuff...trust me when I say that they save tons of money!)

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